About Cursillo

The word “Cursillo” (Pronounced cur - SEE - yo) is a spanish word which means, “short course.” The Cursillo is a “short course in Christianity,” it is an encounter with Christ in a small community of the Church so that his love and grace can be brought to every aspect of life.

The Cursillo is a movement fully within the Church. The Cursillo movement has as it’s goal, to share with the community, the essence of Christianity and Christian values and in this way, gradually transform the community from
within. This is the natural extension of the life-changing experience of the Cursillo weekend.

The Cursillo is focussed on Jesus Christ, as Saviour and Lord. St Paul is its Patron Saint. The mission of Cursillo is the Church’s mission, fully Catholic, and obedient to the Magisterium. Cursillo has as its Spiritual Directors, the Bishop of the Diocese, and is obedient to his leadership. Popes Paul
VI (1966) and John Paul II (1980) mentioned Cursillo as one of
the hopes for the Church.

The Cursillo Movement invites Christians to build a world, founded on the rock of love and friendship.

The Cursillo Weekend

During an initial 3-days, participants share a profound experience of Christian life. The week-end starts on a Thursday night and ends on Sunday night. During these three days, we learn :

*to get to know us (encounter of self) ,

*to experience the presence and love of Jesus Christ (encounter with God),

*to see the good that can provide a loving and caring Christian community (encounter with others).

Click here for Allyson King's Testimony



Cursillo began in Spain in 1949

by Eduardo Bonnin

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