How do I get involved and Attend Cursillo

The Cursillo is for all Catholics who want to look seriously at themselves and their lives, their relationship with other people and their relationship with God.

It is open to persons from any walk of life, man or woman, married or single. The Cursillo was conceived especially for the laity, but priests and other in holy orders are also welcome.

For those who are married, it is preferable (but not necessary) that husband and wife be willing to participate because it is an experience that is worth sharing between partners. It is important to emphasize that the Cursillo is not only for churchgoers. Church attendance is not a prerequisite.

Any normal, mature person, willing and able to accept the Gospel message and to serve the community may live the Cursillo experience.

So, Should you feel moved to participate in a Cursillo you are most welcome to apply. You will need a Spiritual Sponsor, either a friend who has invited you or someone recommended by the Spiritual Director. The sponsor is either a Catholic who has already attended a Cursillo or a Non-Catholic who has
attended the “Walk to Emmaus”.

The sponsor’s job is pray for you before, during and after the weekend, and to assist you with finding a Group Reunion.

If you have not already been contacted by a member of the Cursillo community, and would like to join the Movement, or you would simply like more information, you are most welcome to contact us.

Click here to read Allyson King's Tesimony


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